Fanatec Slew Rate? Comparing to Simucube

So I found out that Simucube chose to go for 2 processors vs Fanatec's DIrect Drive offer with 1 Processor.

Which means Simucube is able to offer more finely tuned details based off of squeezing more out of their processors. Man I had wish I know that for the long run. It seems that Fanatecs Direct drive offering will hit its max ceiling and potential long before Simucube based off of that alone.


Now on to what I wanted to ask.

I wish I had know that before but ok.

So im looking up Slew rate for Direct drive wheels and Fanatec and Im not finding any info an Slew rate for Fanatec. Does anyone know how to find the answer to that question?

Whats Fanatecs Dd1/Dd2 Slew reate?

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