Storage pin request

Hello ! I am an owner of a Fanatec F1 Esports Steering Wheel with CSL Elite Wheelbase .

I was wondering out of curiosity since I got the bundle about 1,5 years ago how does the storage pin affect the wheel if its on and when its off because I do not understand . I removed the storage pin and forgot to put it back and I played video games such as F1 2018 or F1 2019 . Could you play video games with the storage pin inside ? Does it affect the accuracy of the wheel when you are driving ? Could you become faster if the storage pin is inside , because I did not drive with it ? Or must the storage pin to stay outside, because it can break the wheel if it stays inside ?

I also posted 3 screenshots : 1 with the storage pin hole to show you that i am not using the storage pin , another one with 2 screws ( I do not remember which one was the storage pin and could you tell me please which is the storage pin and where the other one is useful ) and the last screenshot is with 5 circles which I dont understand where they could be used , could you please tell me what all this stuff does ?

Thank you very much in advance ! 😎


    1. Storage pin is the black pastic thing which nobody ever uses as its completely not neccessary to use when you dont have the wheel attached
    2. The other screw is the fixation screw which some people use to eliminate the last bit of flex which some wheels may have. Its still an optional screw and you dont harm your hardware if you dont use it. In fact, I never used the fixation screw in 8 years of using the Fanatec hardware and nothing broke for me.
    3. The 5 "circles": the big one is a replacement O-Ring which sits in the inside of your Formula wheel QR which over time could wear out so you could easily replace that one. The other 4 ones are for the STatic Shifter Paddle Set.
  • Thank you very much ! 😊

  • I have another question about the storage pin.

    The video for the F1 2020 steering wheel shows that the storage pin should be used if the steering wheel is not used on the steering wheel base for a long time.

    Is that still true and why do you have to do it?

  • You dont have to do it. In fact, I NEVER used this plastic pin in 8 years for any of my 10 ClubSport Wheels I have and they are all still absolutely fine.

  • Thank you.

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