CSL Elite P1 Wheel display content lagging

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with my CSL Elite P1 on CSW 2.5:

When driving on PC (Assetto Corsa) the speed info as well as the shift lights and gear-indicator are noticeably lagging behind the game. I have tried different driver versions from 3.28 to 3.47 with their respective firmwares.

No change.

What can I try?

Best regards



  • Native in Game Display and LED support or are you using FanaLab?

  • I was using native Support at first. That worked well. Then I heard about Fanalab and wanted to give it a try - just out of curiosity. I then had to install a newer driver which was not the 328 listed under the CSW 2.5 Wheelbase to use it.

    After doing so I had less FFB than before (with unchanged settings), so I deinstalled Fanalab and reverted back to the old driver/firmware (328) and the issues started. I tried several different drivers/firmware (including motor-firmware 18 and 20) to no avail.

    best regards


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