Fanatec CSL pedals with LC and Arduino Micro

Hello people!

I am writing this post to ask if anyone, beside me, had problem to run the CSL with LC pedals and an arduino micro configured as a joystick via simhub

A couple of weeks ago i finally finish a DIY project of a wheel, and i did all the elettronics with an arduino micro and simhub. Unfortunatly, it seems that the arduino micro is driving the fanatec software crazy! as soon as i plug it in, The fanatec setting page doesn't save the settings i put (for example the minimum force required or the % of the pedal to get to maximum output) and it keeps bouncing between 2-3 percent of my imput value (it slowly decrease).

Also, beside it keeps sayng that there are update for my pedals, the software is showing v 0.0 on the page.

I have already submitted it to the staff for help, but i would like to now if someone with my set of pedal did have the same issue or if is just me.

this is the video i send whit my report, you can see "arduino micro" connected and the software not working properly.


  • I just ran into this exact same problem yesterday. I built a DIY button box using an Arduino Micro and when I plug it in the pedal software no longer works and the Firmware shows v.0.0 and settings will not save. I can't find out why these two devices are in conflict. Were you able to figure anything out?

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