CSL Elite PS4 bundle F1 Clubsport wheel not working


I just received the bundle and I've been trying to set it up in PC for a while now and nothing seems to be working. The issue is that the wheel base is being recognized by the PC and the fanatec wheel property page, even the pedals work, but the F1 clubsport steering wheel is not recognized (also no lights come up in the steering wheel when I turn on the base).

I've tried driver versions 340, 344, 345, 365, 373. I've tried updating firmware every time with and without the wheel on. I've checked all cables, the pins in the wheel look fine (none bent or damaged), I've tried different usb ports (specially the ones in the back of my pc), I've tried connecting the power cable directly to an outlet and I've also tried with a laptop to see if it works. Nothing seems to be working. I've contacted support, but would like to see if there's anything else I could try.

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