No FFB on Forza Horizon 3


I have a fanatec v2.5 and clubsport pedals v3 and i have no ffb in fh3 on pc! What can i do to solve it?

The pedals and wheel work, i can drive, brake etc, but there is no force feedback on the wheel.

I have the pedals connected to the base and have the base in xbox mode and as soon i get in to the game the wheel looses the force feedback. If in pc mode the situation is the same: i can drive, brake etc but there is no ffb! Any help would be good!


  • HI,

    I have a CSL Elite PS4 and had the same problem after updating the Fanatec driver. So with version v328 I don´t have ffb anymore and with version v311 I still have, so I just backdated my driver.

    The v311 is still available for download on the fanatec site so I hope it also solves your problem.

    On the other hand I found the ffb with v328 more differenciated while playing other games, but these were just nuances so it is worth the trade for still having ffb in FH3 imo.

  • Same problem here. No FFB after 311 driver anymore.

    Please, I'm in love with this game. So please make it compatible again with last beta drivers to run with fanalab. Other games need fanalab.

    The problem is that the wheel is not recognized by the game, so ffb is disconnected. Only buttons can be assigned.

    Please Fanatec, fix this issue.

  • I'm having the same issue. Just purchased the CSL Elite wheel and it seems to work fine with Forza Horizon 4, but I also have no FFB with FH3. I'm reluctant to change back to an older driver.

  • The problem here is that game developers won't do anything and back to 3.11 means forget all the fanalab features. The wheel works, but not the ffb. The emuwheel software can fix this but you have to install vjoy, remap to a virtual fanatec wheel and open some programs before launch the game. A headache.

    Seriously Fanatec, we love this game for the beach, the hot wheels tracks. Can anyone tell us what's the real issue here? Firmware issue? Windows update issue? Game developer bug? Turn 10 Studios doesn't answer.

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