Refused payment method

Hi am George from Greece.

After 10 tries to pay, because i haven't change some options in my bank acount, the site refused to complete the payment.

In case of safety? spam?

I don't know...

So what's next?


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    Hi George,

    Had the same thing this weekend with credit card (Mastercard). Ended up paying with paypal (which worked).

  • The check out/payment still giving problems? This issue was occurring since Jan-Feb but it was reported the issue was resolved. Strange it's happening again.

  • I am also having this issue, was on the phone for 3 hours yesterday with my credit card company clearing this up on their side. I tried again today as per their suggestion, and now the payment is being refused.

  • This is very unsettling. My last experience back in January was this:

    After filling in all my payment details for processing each time I clicked on whatever it was to process and confirm I got the error message or whatever it was that didn't go through. So I repeated the payment details (could be at least 5 times or so), each time filling in details and each time not getting through as far as I thought. Tried both with VISA and Paypal. I even contacted my bank to inquire if everything was ok with my credit card and details....which they said was fine. I think some time after I got confirmation from a customer service rep who I contacted who said the webshop site was giving problems but the payment went through.

    Now here's the clicker. When I later checked my CC e-statement/records I saw the payment/charge was repeated 5 times, but at least it was deposited back into the account to leave the proper payment/charge as final. Otherwise my fear was that I may have been charged 5 times for the one cost of item. I really hope Fanatec webshop gets this thing sorted out and working correctly onwards because this is very annoying and disconcerting.

  • I ended up linking my credit card to my PayPal account, and was able to process the order that way. When I spoke with the credit card company, they said it was flagged as a risky transaction, even after they manually cleared the attempt.

  • How do you link your credit card to your Paypal account?

  • There should be an option in your PayPal account to link either a bank or card in your wallet.

  • I had the same issues trying to pay with my Chase card.

    Regardless of how many times I contacted chase to authorize the payment, it got refused each time (6 times in total).

    I ended up using capitalone which texted me an authorization code during check-out. Worked first time and was promptly sent a confirmation from Fanatec.

  • I Had this issue when trying to make my purchase on Apr 17th.

    The only thing that solved with was making sure the Debit card, credit card, or paypal that the "billing address matches the shipping address." This worked for me after Five various attempts with each attempt ending with a payment refused pop-up.

    I'm located in the US of that matters to you.

  • Use different payment method. Credit cards have limits.

  • Most probably there is some problem with your payment system, It can be really annoying to have this happen to you. I used to use my credit card for all of my online payment and it would let me make only two transactions a day. I was thinking that it is normal and that everyone has the same problem, but that was not the case. My friend was making as many transactions as she wanted because she was using Skrill. She told me to go register for Skrill on because you will get a lot of perks like free verification and VIP account if you do that. I registered for it and it works great. I love it and I enjoyed online shopping much more right now. Skrill is really safe to use and it is made for online trading.

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