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Hey all,

I've ordered my first Fanatec gear this weekend. Yesterday i have received an e-mail stating that:

'The new status is as follows: Completely shipped.'

And that:

'You will receive the tracking number soon in a separate email.'

I checked the UPS service and it definitely still has service in my area, but I did not receive any tracking code. Also tried contacting support through the web-form and by e-mail ([email protected]) about this but no response (yet). When I look in the 'Orders' section of my account it says:

'The order has been processed.'

Does this mean it has been actually shipped and on it's way, or still at the warehouse? I need to know this so I can be home to pick up the package.

Thanks :)


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    It can take up to 48hours before you see movement in the system. Give it until tomorrow and if you still haven't received an update, contact sales.

  • Same thing here, i have contacted sales but no response. I guess i will wait another 24 hours.

  • I am in the same case as you, still no email to send UPS packages.

  • Same for me. Was wondering.

  • Tim QuistTim Quist Member
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    Just got an update from support. Technical issues on Monday with order processing. They said they will send a tracking code within the next 24 hours. Might be the same for you guys. Suggest you contact support as well if you will not get anything in the next 24 hours.

  • I also got an email back form support yesterday saying that they will send a tracking code within 24 hours. Did u guys get a tracking code yet? Im starting to think things are going wrong again.

  • I'm giving it a few more hours, but yeah having the same thoughts.

  • Still waiting here.

  • So I just logged in on UPS MyChoice, and there is actually a package from Fanatec on its way for delivery tomorrow. Still haven't heard anything from Fanatec yet.

  • Tim QuistTim Quist Member
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    Just as I'm about to reply, I get a UPS MyChoice mail aswell that I am getting a package tomorrow (from Fanatec). Oh well as long as it arrives :)

  • I’m going back and forth about whether to purchase csl elite bundle starter but a little weary about the customer support here. These products are far from cheap. Doesn’t seem like they get back to peeps timely.

  • Got my csl elite bundle and pedals in today. Over all not that much of a delay :)

  • I've noticed that while Fanatec will say the order is shipped, it takes 24-48 hours after I've received notification that the tracking numbers show up in my FedEx account. No worries, just as long as it's on the way. I'll be sure to panic next time if after a week I don't see anything.

  • Still waiting for tracking notification here and getting impatient. I received email from the webshop "the order is shipped" since 31 March (approx 3-4 days ago) and to expect tracking number to follow but nada yet. Woe is me.

  • I've ordered the csl elite pedals + wheel bundle. Today only the pedals arrived. Are you kidding me? Apparently Fanatec sent the pedals and wheel as two seperate boxes, now ups screwed up (what a surprise) and lost the wheel. The wheel got found a bit later and is another 3 days late.

  • Same story here, got an email 31/3 (same day i ordered) saying the order has shipped. But still no tracking-id or answer from support about this.

    Any updates or official info here? Fanatec step up your game regarding info about this issue. What is happening to our orders? Extra important with transparent info these days. Thank you

  • Well at least I'm not alone as we both share the same date saying "order has shipped". I was getting worried my order or shipment may have been misplaced, lost or sent elsewhere but not as worried now. Could be UPS may be bogged down or understaffed due to the present worldwide circumstances and haven't yet gotten around to our shipments/tracking notifications.

    Still I would have to follow up on this as too much time is passing now without any further word or status. It's affecting my gaming.

  • Just got info from support, technical issues with the order somehow, but today my order has shipped. Also got tracking-ids, looks promising.

  • I also received info from Fanatec support this morning who was following up and was able to get the tracking number for me, so keeping fingers crossed I'll hear something soon from the courier/shipper.

  • In the same boat here too, ordered last Thursday evening, shipped Friday, but no tracking number. Usually takes UPS four days to get to me, but would be nice to know if something is coming or not.

  • Finally got notification from my shipping address in Miami that they've received the shipment thank God. So just a matter now for them to ship to me.

  • Looks like i”m in the same boat here... got an email earlier this week saying order has shipped but no tracking number or anything like that.

  • Got delivery today via UPS. 8 days from order (inside Europe) Pretty happy with that after all.

  • Exact same issue here.

    UPS appear to be providing updates via their app rather than by email.

    My suggestion to all would be to download the app and register, seems to be a UPS issue rather than a Fanatec one.

  • I placed an order Jun 1 for a bundle that should have been available in a week. No movement whatsoever. Says order in process. No response from customer service after numerous attempts for the last few weeks. Help?

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