Concerning News About Fanatec Sending Me a Replacement

Hello everyone,

It has been almost two and half weeks now and I have not heard a word about receiving a replacement CSL Elite wheel base from Fanatec. To sum up a very long story, Fanatec sent me a broken wheel base; the USB power port and RJ-12 handbrake port were extremely bent and were not feeding a signal. Fanatec said they were going to send me a replacement wheelbase after I shipped them back my broken wheelbase. I shipped the wheelbase back to Fanatec in California using the instructions they provided me. According to UPS, Fanatec has received the package, but I have not heard anything from Fanatec regarding that they have received the package. Fanatec also said that upon receiving the package they would refund me the shipping cost, which they have not done.

Does anyone here known about replacements and the time it takes to receive a new product from Fanatec? I am beginning to believe that Fanatec is not going to send me a replacement and screw me out of $400.


  • Hi Owen,

    If we did things like that we wouldn't be in business for 20 years. It takes time for the warehouse to process the receipt of the unit. Please wait a bit longer and I'm sure the team will resolve this for you.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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