ClubSport pedal V3


Is it normal that my pedals only vibrate when telemetry is enabled in F1 2019?



  • Probably the same for other games too that has the rumble feature for pedals to enable or not. Bear in mind though not all racing games have it as an available option. For example I haven't seen the option in Wreckfest nor Pcars 3....but I discovered it as an option in ACC, at least with a latest patch.

    Following an update in ACC (and I think seeing something mentioned about it) I went a browsed through ACC settings and low and behold I saw an option for turning it on or off (I think the default was Off). So I selected "On" and went to try. Man the rumble feature was amazing. Added so much more to the feel and immersion. Wish it was available for more games. I guess it depends on the game's developer to include.

  • The latest update for ACC on PS4 now have the option to turn rumble on.

    I wonder what is the purpose. I thought it was something that would modulate and help me feel the tires etc. but all I feel is constant rumble on my throttle.

    Is that what I should expect ?


  • For me it rumbles accordingly to the speed and pressure. Pretty awesome I find.

  • Thanks,

    I updated firmware that I have had some issues with and now I feel it differently.

    I just thought that it would be more related to ABS etc. I can just feel it changing with the speed.

    Gives some immersion, yes, but no help with control IMO.

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