Another VAT Thread

I was just charged VAT here in the US. Cart showed my price without VAT, but charged my card at the VAT price. Ive written more emails then I care to count, tweeted @Fanatec and not a single response.

Due to the time restrictions and German phone number I cannot directly reach anyone to resolve this issue or cancel the order at all.


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    When you are at the checkout page you will notice the amounts are the same plus shipping. There is no sales tax charged in the US/Canada except for California. The bug is that’s it is showing incl VAT which it should not show.

    I made a purchase yesterday and can confirm this is correct.

  • So got an email back this morning by them telling me the price is correct. So I took a screenshot of my checkout page. Can clearly see where the VAT is being INCLUDED

  • My future with Fanatec is looking pretty bleak. All I read are problems. Problems with tax. Problems with shipping. Problems with the software. No responses from the company that answer questions. Too bad. I was going to upgrade from my G29 to a complete Clubsport setup. Looks like Thrustmaster is going to make some money. They may actually want to sell something.

  • At this point I'm either going to file a dispute for the $91 VAT charge with my bank or I'm just going to eat the 15% restock and send it back.

  • Paul, you are being stupid about this. They explained the price is correct. I replied to your other thread about the same topic (BTW, you don't need multiple threads on the same subject). If you go to the EU site, you see your bundle is listed for 799.96 Euros. That price includes VAT and shipping. Convert that US dollars and it's $860+ dollars.

    If you log into your account and look that the order, does it show VAT on it? I suspect not. Why? Because they didn't charge you a VAT.

    You should have received an invoice via email. Does that show VAT on it? I doubt it.

    However, if you really feel like you are being cheat, by all means.....return it and get a refund. I'm sure they would rather you do that than sit around and argue over something that did not happen.

  • Yes. The invoice did show INCLUDED VAT $91.00

    I've already sent it back to them and was refunded.

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