Porsche 918 RSR


New here, hope this is in the right spot.

I have a Club Sport V2.5 wheel base with the CSL Elite wheel

I just upgraded to the wheel to the Porsche 918 RSR.

Very happy with the wheel it is beautifully done by Fanatec. The only problem I have is there is just a little bit of play in the wheel now since it is relying on the fit and O-ring for rigidity.

It is just enough to bother me when in the door to door action on the track

The set screw I have unfortunatly does not fit, the head won't let the fitting slide back.

It is macheined that a screw with a flat tappered head would be the answer and would not only fit, looks like it is made to fit ?

Does anyone else have this problem ? Does fanatec offer this type of set screw for this wheel as I could not find it on their site?

Thanks in advance for any insight to this problem


  • The screw for ClubSport Wheels is different than the ones for CSL and should have been included in the wheel base package. It's a silver one.

    Otherwise contact the support, maybe they sell one of these to you.

  • Thank you

    I will check the the box

  • I think the BMW is the only clubsport Wheel that comes with that screw.

    My Porsche 718 and my F1 Carbon came without.

    The screw is not needed, if there is play in the QR the wheel is not pushed enough in direction to the base and the ball bearings are not in place

  • All steering wheel with Clubsport quick release

    comes with a Safety screw for permanent mount

    Of course, it includes the 918 RSR

    (I guess you mean 918 even if you write 718)

    The bolt is usually fastened with tape to the lid of the box

  • Yes it is the 918

    Thank you

  • Hey I found it in the box

    Much better, no flex at all 👍️

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