Button caps low quality

With my Clubsport Silver F1 Wheel. I got some button caps to customize. However they tend to break apart. Atleast the buttons i frequently use. So i stopped using them.

in december i bought the Podium Buttonbox Module Endurance. It Has some diffrent buttoncaps. But same problem. Again on the buttons i use frequently; they simply don't last. I only used the module for 4 weeks.

Any members with the same issue, and are there better quality button caps out there?


  • You should contact the support to get the cracked caps exchanged.

    Fanatec also offers a Button Caps set since a few weeks, its great and it uses some new Caps which should not break even under heavy usage, at least all of mine are still fine and they are pressed several hundreds times a day..... ^^

  • Yes, I also have this problem, I started a thread about it in January: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1566/cracked-button-caps-on-pbm#latest

    I got new from suport the first time, the second time I had to send the broken in to suport to get new, the third time I had to send the whole PBM so they could check if something was wrong with it, got it back with new button caps, and they are now cracked again ...

  • Yeah thats why i make a forum post. I am sure they will send new ones. But i assume they will break again and again :(

    Did you really had to send them? what the ... Buttoncaps probably 0.05€ worht in china and you have to send it!? And then you must send your buttonbox becaus it may be damaged? Thats insane. Why risk sending a expensive thing back and forth. Risk transport damage or it can get lost for some buttoncaps. Its hilarious.

    I got a problem if they ask the buttoncaps back. I got 8 damaged on my f1 rim. At the time i thrown them away and mostly they are simply lost. they fell on the ground to be never found again.

    I just have one cap of my buttonbox, and also one photo of another cap on the box. But in on of my last races that also disappeared.

  • edited April 22

    I contacted suppport, i have made a picture of 2 buttoncaps, They responded quickly and have send exactly 2 new buttoncaps. Few days later i recieved them. I am happy with the support but i expected some more caps. after using the wheel 3 days, another button failed.

    So am i supposed to harass every week the Fanatec-support to send just one buttoncap?

    I knew this was going to happen happen.

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