Sim Racers Wanted! Fanatec is hiring and we pay a headhunting fee

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator
Fanatec is expanding quickly and therefore we also need to enlarge our team.
Enthusiam and fun with what you do are key to make a great job and therefore we are looking for sim racers who want to turn their hobby and passion into their daily job.

You will work in the beautiful Bavarian town of Landshut but it does not matter if you speak German or where you come from. Our team is international and they all speak good english.

If you know somebody who might be interested and bring us in contact, you will get a coupon code for our webshop with a value of 1000,- Euro. Please tell us the name of this person before he/she applies. The code will be sent after the trial period of the candidate.

Here is what we need to create more great products and let the people know about it.

If you are happy with what you do youn

Community & PR Manager
  • Manage forum on in order to grow the community and increase customer satisfaction
  • Find and supervise moderators
  • Post FAQ and manage feedback to the Support team
  • Create forum rules and make sure that they are followed
  • Manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 
  • Create content and campaigns for all social media channels
  • Monitor international sim racing forums and guide customers to get support
  • Manage community reviews and tests
  • Provide ideas from the community to the product development team
  • Helping to create, develop, and manage all proactive and reactive press opportunities (print and online)
  • Handling of sponsored teams
  • Press release and newsletter writing and dissemination
  • International media outreach
  • Decent knowledge of sim racing equipment and racing simulations
  • Fluent spoken and written English with excellent grammar is mandatory. German or other languages are a plus
  • Strategic thinker, with excellent public relations skills, solid and cooperative media relationships, and knowledge of the evolving digital and social media fields 
  • Should have strong writing and organizational skills, excellent people skills, plus the ability to always keep calm and proffessional.  
  • Bachelor's degree is not required but a plus.
  • Two or more years’ experience in an agency or corporate environment

Product & Project Manager
  • Summarize and update specifications
  • Communicate with senior product managment about spec changes 
  • Create and manage project plans
  • Follow up with internal and external project ressources
  • Optimize project end dates and try to permanently keep or reduce the critical path of a project
  • Manage hand over from R&D to production
  • Get and check quotations for components or complete products
  • Create content for manuals and website descriptions
  • Arrange tests with internal and external betatesters
  • Support initial production stages before mass production
  • Interact with PR and Marketing team to co-ordinate launch campaigns
  • Report to management about project status on a weekly basis

  • Decent knowledge of sim racing equipment and racing simulations
  • Superior project management, communication and presentation skills. Must be proficient in MS Office suite (specifically in MS Project, Excel, Word and Visio).
  • Extensive experience of full life cycle projects. 
  • Highly organized and attentive to detail
  • 1-2+ years of experience in product and/or project management
  • Fluent spoken and written English is mandatory. German or other languages are a plus

Please send your CV and other documents to [email protected] and we will come back to you.

I hope to welcome you very soon to our great team.


  • Great news that Fanatec is growing. This means more industry leading innovative products are just waiting to be made.
  • Absolutely. What an amazing opportunity this is. I am looking for a career opportunity so perhaps I should apply.
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    i'm Argentinian if you are looking to expand you're market into america latina i can be useful (sorry if my writing is not good)
  • I'm in the United States.  Very experienced sim racer, administration manager.  If you have a position here in the States, I'd be very interested in working for Fanatec.  Or, If the compensation is right, I could relocate to Germany.  Feel free to contact me. 
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    homemade sim racing pedals
  • Hello dear Fanatec team, We (my brother & I ) are very interested in this offer. We are obviously experienced racer and drifter. We are indeed part of the Fanatec Beta-testing program and been reveilling some point that no one did because of our intense drive. We are reel racers too and work with cars everyday. I have been studying mechanical engineering and got a degree and I aslo got IT diploma passed in London which led me to work for the biggest online shop as IT engineer for 4 years. My brother has been following car mechanic field, and been working on cars most of his professional life. Please consider our offer as its a discount... buy 1 get 2 ;-) Best regards, Yannick
  • I think I have two Sebastian Keijmel and Felippe Kissilevitch.
  • I, recomended to great Sim driver of Argentina one Matias Canapino and the Other Daniel Waridel
  • I, recomended to great Sim driver of Argentina one Matias Canapino and the Other Daniel Waridel
    Matias Canapino is a real pro driver Now he is driving trv6 here in Argentina
  • I would say Olli Pahkala is a natural choice. Already president of the Finnish Sim Racing Association, he has plenty of experience working with large communities. The work he has done is phenomenal, and he is a genuine, down to earth people person who knows what to do and when. Furthermore, when he chooses to use his authority, it's genuine and doesn't appear as forced or unwarranted by any means. In others words, Olli can:

    - Improve the community
    - Lead and give orders
    - Deal with troublemakers
    - Answer questions based on his own experience.

    Lastly, as a sim racer, he is one of the best in the world. His resume should be well known, but in case someone isn't aware, he has driven for Fanatec Team Redline last couple of years, and done well to say the least. 3rd place among the toughest competition there is, consistent results, never gets into trouble and is a genuine, honest person when approached. 

    Yeah, I know, this sounds like a paid endorsement, but it honestly isn't. Having worked with Olli on FiSRA, I speak from personal experience and haven't heard any contradicting statements suggesting he would be different from my description.
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    I think Olli Pahkala is best man in this job.
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    I vote Natalie Bissel... I think she would be a Great addition to the Fanatec team!!!

    I would love to join the Fanatec employee team but I'm in New York... If you ever need a New York Fanatec Rep/Connection I would be more than happy join the Fanatec business team.
  • I'd love to be a rep/associate with the #1 Sim equipment company in the world! What's the next step?
  • Hi Fanatec, I am an existing customer and a serious sim racer. I also have an engineering background and just love to drive for hours. I am currently based in the UK but am willing to relocate. I wish the best for the team :)
  • i can highly recommend Justin  Dyer as an asset for your team .sim racer,engineer and project manager.
  • Kenneth McCullough , that's your guy ! 

    Simracer / DIY Builder of..  OSWs,, the Swedish answer to OSW Ollie / Wheel Plates / / Shifters / Button Boxes / Pitstopdisplays / SQs Etc

    Working as Head of IT right now and been in the buiss of Computer / IT / Project Manager for over 20 years.

    Raised in Ireland, now lives in Sweden, Married to a German so he handels at least those 3 langues.

    Most of all, he's a grate guy !

    He's very engaged in what ever he's getting in hands of and most of all the people around him.

    I'm not looking for the 1000 Euro here but to be able to push my friend in a grate direction and new challange and I thing he can deliver and bring what you looking for.
    Did I mention he is in the start of the new Sim Equipment Company NSG " Nordic Sim Gear "

    He's you guy, I can bet on it !

    Sorry for my poor English, Best Regards Andeas from Sweden

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    can you please contact Kennet and ask him if he is interested? If yes. he should send his documents as described above.

  • Natalie BissellNatalie Bissell Member, Moderator, Betatester
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    I vote Natalie Bissel... I think she would be a Great addition to the Fanatec team!!!

    I would love to join the Fanatec employee team but I'm in New York... If you ever need a New York Fanatec Rep/Connection I would be more than happy join the Fanatec business team.

    Interestingly, I have just returned from my honeymoon in Germany (F1) and said to my other half (while we were there) that I would love to live there :smile:

    Currently, I assist Fanatec with beta testing (on holiday/honeymoon at the moment), and have a great working relationship with the team. Working in sim racing is something both my partner and I would like to achieve, moving forward.

    The job descriptions sound like a dream come true, and I have no doubt that we both have the skills and qualifications required to fulfil these roles.

    With that said, a relocation for us (with children) would not be easy, so until fanatec need remote workers, I don't think I can apply :( However, as an FYI:

    Between us we are Registered Prince2 Practitioners (I.T Project Managers) and 6Sigma GreenBelt (soon to be black).

    Between us we hold numerous I.T Certifications.

    He has around 19 years I.T / PM experience and I have focused on "Continuous Improvement".

    We both have experience of full project life-cycles, a proven history of working with world renowned, industry leading organisations on large multi million $ projects, and both focus heavily on quality.

    We are both avid SimRacers and gamers, highly technical, highly qualified (and certified) and are huge fans of the Fanatec team, brand, and their work ethic.

    I love being a part of the beta testing team, and I hope that relationship will progress into a more permanent role in the future :smile:

    Always here if you need me Thomas :)

  • I am vouching Olli Pahkala, a WCS driver of Team Redline, a president of Finnish Sim Racing Association and very fiiiine gentleman.
  • I would be up for this but I am only 16 so it wouldn't really be possible.
  • But someone I have raced with for a long time who is arguably the fastest sim racer out there would be up for this he is so good at sim racing but I haven't spoken to him in a while and don't know what his commitments are and how he is. If I get the chance to talk to him I will and tell him about this I'm sure he would do it if he could.
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    Good day, how are you all?

    Are you guys hiring for the USA region?

    I am very interested with joining your team.

    -Washington Arguello
  • Jesper Nyvang Pedersen from Denmark. Was 3 years ago participating in The Nissan GT Academy - He is one of the best in Denmark. 8 times champion in different leaugues in sim racing. Also he drives Formula Ford in Denmark, and Danish Endurance Championship...

    Let me know if you want more information about this guy ;-)

    Best regards
    Claudio Amdisen
  • Nuno RamalhoNuno Ramalho Member
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    Hey Thomas, I think I have the right man for the job.

    My Friend Pedro "eol" Martins.

    2015 European GT Academy finalist

    3º Place In the GT Sport Event presentation in London this Year.

    Professional Sim-Racer for @eSPORTSandCARS

    I leave here the social networking contacts, so you can make an analisys.

    If you are interested and want more information, let me know.

    Soon he sends his application and all documentation for the listed email.

    Thanks in advance,

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