DD2 issues with Porsche gt3 Cup and Cayman Clubsport in iracing

I recently got a DD2 with the 911 GT3 R wheel for use with iracing.

The issue I'm having with both Porsche cars is the DD2 steering wheel has more travel/rotation lock than the actual car in the software. It also seems a little loose and has play in the wheel for these cars too. FFB is still present but not particularly strong.

I've tested multiple other cars in iracing and the wheel rotation and lock matches perfectly with various cars with different weight and feel for each.

Anyone have the same issue or any solutions?


  • Disable the in game steering wheel and its fixed! :D

    On a more serious note: No, I dont have this issue. Are you running the latest drivers and firmwares and do you use auto sensitivity and did you run the calibration in the iracing options?

  • Thanks. Well I'm using VR so disabling the wheel in game would get real weird!

    Drivers are latest I believe.





    Yes I use auto sensitivity on the DD2 tuning menu. With this set to a numerical setting I found the wheel to be completely out of sync with the software eg more like driving a boat than race car..

    The odd thing is on other cars that are not the two Porsches the wheel is fine a behaves correctly

  • I have the same setup as you, and mine matches the in game wheel rotation

    I have mine set to 1080 and calibrated in game to 1080

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