V3I Brake Troubleshooting

I am on the hunt for any troubleshooting documentation for an issue I am facing on my V3I brake pedal. It appears the "Symptom and Solutions" discussion has been closed on the forum.

Issue: Brake pedal input does not return to zero mid race session. After 10 minutes or so the new minimum brake input shown on the HUD overlay is ~30%. The pedal min and max has been set in "Fanatec Wheel Properties" software. I have also confirmed that at the beginning of the race the brake pedal bar graph in the HUD display is indeed at zero braking when the pedal is not pressed.

Platform: PS4

Game: ACC

Wheel Base: DD1 Podium F1 PS4, Firmware 346

Wheel: Clubsport BMW GT2

Shifter: SQ V1.5

Pedals: V3I w/ brake performance kit (medium bushings installed), Damper set to 2, preload set to 3, BRF=100


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    You might need to remove the brake preload and add some lube. This can happen if the cylinder starts drying out. I usally clean and lube every 2-3 months if using regularly and notice the brake inputs not as smooth.

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