Podium dd1 steering the wrong direction

I received my Podium DD1 and Formula V2 wheel, installed them and raced on IRacing for a day. I was thrilled. My wife (its always the wife) wanted to try, sat down, grabbed the wheel and who knows what buttons, and the wheel started steering opposite of the input. Right goes left and left goes right. Anyone experience this before, and what is the solution. Help!


  • You need to properly calibrate in the iracing options, you most probably calibrated it the wrong way.. ^^

  • Even in the calibration screen, the wheel goes the wrong way. Any other advice, Maurice. I'm having lots of trouble getting in touch with Fanatec tech support.

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    wait, you mean in the driver menu the steering goes into wrong direction? Or in the iracing calibration screen? Because if its just in the iracing calibration screen then you definetely have calibrated the step to 90° to one side just the wrong way (so not turned to the right but to the left which results in exactly this wrong steering direction issue you seem to have). I think this happened to a lot of us, me including. :D Just re-calibrate the wheel in iRacing properly and it will be fixed.

  • You are right. Dopey me. Confused my own left and right. Thanks for the help. Its hard to out-smart stupid (talking about me).

  • So your wife went into iracing settings and recalibrated your steering wheel ..

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