FFB jolt or notch in weight transfers with CSW 2.5

My wheel generates an strange jolt when car transfer weights from one side to another in any simulator (AC, ACC, rf2).

When the wheel stops centering to one side and just starts centering to the opposite, the change on the direction of the force starts with a jolt or kick, after that everything feels normal. I am attaching a video made by me were it can be listened.

On 0:03's left turn, it can be clearly listened. Later on 0:15 it can be listened too.

I have seen a couple of posts that talk about notchy feeling around the center and I kind of identified my problem with theirs, but none of their fixes worked for me. I tried numerous firmware versions, 346, 373 among others. I tried v18, 20 and 22 motor firmwares. I even tried with my laptop to see if anything was corrupt or wrong with my gaming pc. None of these worked.

I have noticing this issue for some time but it was when I tested my brothers' CSW when I saw this is not normal. Anyone went through this?


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