Over sensitive braking issues in every car!

Hi guys,

New to the forum a really need some help big time!!!

Semi new to iRacing, known about it for a long time & tried to get involved lately since we're all basically in lock down here in the Isle of Man. As the title say's, every time I go to touch the brakes & get anywhere passed 50% in any car the brakes just lock up even going at a slow speed in a straight line.

I have done a lot of research on this & read comments on Google, over the forum here & also watched YouTube video's but still seem to be getting no where... so I thought why not go & throw a message out there as I'm so damn sure somebody out there is able to help me!? 🤨

I have tried all sorts to fix it, I have adjusted the BR ABS setting in & out of game on my Podium Racing Wheel F1 rim (Gold Special Edition) & nothing seems to help... I have also tried the brake bias in each car, also the Brake Force Factor setting anywhere between 0, 1.00, 1.60 & everywhere else like loads of different people are suggesting to try. I tried the Fanatec Wheel Property Page & heard from a friend who's just bought the V.2 base & the same V3 pedals that there was a tuning page in there but for me there isn't so that's the one thing I'm half thinking it could be??? Again I don't know for sure... & last but not least I have tried to install Fanalab however I have just read a comment tonight that it doesn't support the V2 base 100%, is this true & if so is there anyway around it?

Apologies for the big read but it's really doing my head in as my pedals & wheel work absolutely fine on every other game that I race in such as Project Car's 2, F1 2019 by Codemaster's, Assetto Corsa & Assetto Corsa Cometizione, Content Manager, rFactor 2 & finally RaceRoom Racing Experience...

If there is anybody who can even give me some kind of help at all I would be VERY much appreciated! ☺️

Keep safe & lets all just stay at home & race on!



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