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I live in the US and have been trying to get or find an answer regarding the VAT when ordering a product here in the US. I want to purchase a bundle but every time i get to the checkout screen the purchase amount is 600+ with VAT. There is around a 100 difference in purchase price. I have tried to message fanatec through many means and have not received an answer. I know this question has been asked many times but i cannot find a clear answer, as the US does not have a VAT.


  • Interesting question. I'd like an answer to that question myself before I order.

  • I ordered last week and paid no VAT. Are you using the US link?

  • I ordered last week here in the US and they absolutely charged me $91 of VAT and I can get absolutely no response other than I was charged the correct amount.

    I have tried repeatedly to get somebody from customer service to respond to me about this so my next step now is to file a claim with my bank to dispute the overcharge.

    this is my first time buying products from Fanatec and I am less than pleased at this point with how this has been handled .

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    There is no sales tax charged in the US aside from California 9.25% plus shipping, should be the only amounts you see in the total.

  • Unfortunately I was charged the VAT and cannot reach a single person about resolving this.

  • Just received this:

    "thanks for your message. Even though there is a price stated under VAT, you actually aren't being charged VAT/sales tax. 

    The sum of $569.96, is the correct price, even though it says VAT included, it is without VAT/sales tax.

    Furthermore, the total amount is the sum plus the shipping cost. Please just ignore the price stated under "Total amount without VAT".

    There isn't a system error, it is just displayed wrong, which has already been reported to our IT department.

    I understand that this causes confusion, our IT department is doing their best to solve this.

    Thanks for your understanding."

    So awesome I was essentially buying something listed with a false price/price description. Its going back. Ill move to another company.

  • Mind you that the prices liste don the site have an asterisk and show as WITH VAT and my cart shows the same even a line that says INCLUDED VAT and I was charged the VAT price and am being told oh no those are correct ignore the without VAT? BS

  • Just double-checking for my sanity...

    CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit

    $569.96 * * indicates price INCLUDES VAT


    MY Bank: APR03Description:CHECK CARD PURCHASE ENDOR AMERICA LLC CA Withdrawals: -$588.62

    My Actual Invoice from them:


    CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™CSL_E_RW_PS4_US1$499.95 $499.952

    CSL Elite PedalsCSL_EP1$99.95$99.953

    Bundle DiscountB-CSL_E_RWPS4EP_US1$-29.94$-29.94Shipping costs:$18.66Net


    Total gross:$588.62

    So to recap I was CHARGED VAT plus the Shipping cost for the Total Gross as shown! $91.00 dollars of VAT

    BS x 1000000

  • Of course their Start a Return page isnt working.

    Now on phone filing dispute with my CC company

  • Thank you all for the replies i placed my order and the final charge did reveal that the VAT was NOT removed and thus being an american citizen i am being charged a tax from a country which i do not reside, which to me seems very shady and suspect and calls in to practice fanatecs online pricing, possibly going down the false advertisement path, which is pretty sad. I did email them yesterday after i placed my order but given all the posts i have seen lately it seem that customer support and clarity is not a top priority. Next option is to see if people can get a VAT refund.

  • I did the exact same thing - emailed for clarification, next day they fully processed and shipped my order, they responded three days later. Youre in the exact same spot I was and will be. I have a current merchant dispute open with my CC provider and am still trying to get Fanatec to do something, except, well you see their response to me " IT Glitch"

  • Yeah i got a response before i placed my order saying it was a glitch, my order just shipped today. Its a real misleading price. Are you disputing the VAT charge? Has your CC company said anything that is useful, and or helpful? To me i just dont understand how fanatec can charge a VAT in a country that has no such charge.

  • CC company had to do the formal affadavit dispute. After speaking with Fanatec - they wont budge , but will take my return for a refund. Guess its easier for them to do that and lose a customer/future return buyer vs admitting they screwed up and send me $91 back

  • That sucks, i am hoping fanatec will either refund me difference or just give me a credit or something but after getting an email saying there a bug on their website with the VAT i think i am in the same boat as you, i dont understand whats so difficult about either given us the refund for the VAT or something to make it right. I am kinda dissapointed and let down as this is my first fanatec products i ordered not a very positive experience i would say and it i will make it hard to recommend these products i wish also that influencers would be a little more transparent about this as well. But egh what can you do

  • This is rather discouraging. Im in a pre-order debate over this right now with them. Did you two pay via PayPal or direct with credit card?

  • I order clubsport wheel base,hub,rim,v3 pedals ,and a bracket. I was charged price on web site and shipping. No Vat charges. Pd w/cc not pay Pat they will charge 2.6%. From Va. not Ca.

  • Are you suggesting that your total price should be 19% lower? (VAT in German is 19.0%).

    You might can argue that, I guess, but be prepared to pay a duty tax on it from the US.

    One way or the other, you are going to get taxed. In this case, for an item costing $569, your import fees are going to be $315.99 with a 3.25% charge if you use pay pal or a credit card. So now it's going to cost you $885 or so.

    Up to you, but you might want to just get over it and enjoy your products.

  • They (Fanatec) specifically told me im not paying VAT ( US) and I don't live in CA this not paying the local tax.

    They are trying to say the price on the site showing VAT is incorrect (IT Glitch) yet that's what they charged me.

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    The price on the website is the price for US residents. Although it says VAT included, it is not actually included. Should they fix the wording? Absolutely.

    If you go to the EU web shop, you'll see the same bundle is 799.99 Euros. That includes VAT and shipping cost. 799.95 Euros is $869.94 dollars.

    That is SIGNIFICANTLY more than what you paid for your bundle without VAT. They are NOT cheating you.

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