Clubsport V2.5 BMW wheel and base - issue with centering and calibration

Hi guys -

I'm new to sim racing, although I've had my set-up for a few years after buying it from a friend. I have an issue with my Clubsport V2.5 BMW wheel and thought you could potentially help and/or someone may have encountered the same problem.

Everything worked well for the first year, although I didn't use it that much. But, and this first happened a couple of years ago and I was too busy to address it, the wheel no longer centers correctly, so when I drive it, the wheel jerks every second while I'm cornering.

When I fire it up, the wheel centers almost all the way to the left. My wheel has 900-deg of motion, and if center is 0-deg, the wheel self-centers to -340-deg to the left. So when I try to calibrate it in iRacing, I get a quarter-turn to the left, and then 2.5 turns to the right.

Any idea what this is?

Thanks in advance.



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