Dead DD1 after firmware update.

So I did the firmware update on my DD1. I did these

now my F1 wheel is no longer detected by my DD1 and or by the software. I have a Porsche wheel coming but I don’t know what to do. I tried reflashing it to see if that fixes it and I also deleted the firmware and completely reinstalling it. Idk what to do. I have a league I paid money for to race in and now I can’t. Help please!!! Trying to get ahold of Fanatec is impossible right now.


  • When you installed Driver 346, did you go into the Property Page and made all firmware updates coming with the driver?

    Included in the driver 346 are new Base, Motor and Steering Wheel firmwares. Update the base firmware and then Motor firmware first, do a motor calibration without a wheel attached, after that update the steering wheel firmware. Now you should be able to calibrate the center and the shifter if attached.

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