Wheel centering issue DD2

Hi guys,

I received my DD2 wheelbase yesterday, and the installation of it didn't go very smooth, although it's useable now. However, there are still some things that concern me.

First one being, when I start the wheel base, my steering wheel makes a (approx.) 340 degree turn (CW) and then stays there, it doesn't go back CCW, and doesn't go to the properly calibrated centre either. I'm concerned that this will cause a malfunction on the long run, as it's always CW and never CCW. When I then open the properties, the calibrated wheel centre is still correct and the wheel is ready for proper use.

Second one, not all the USB ports on my PC work with the wheel. When I plug it into the port that I always used for my CSL Elite base, my PC recognizes the DD2 wheelbase, but it won't let me open the properties or use the wheelbase in game (iRacing). When I use another USB port, it seems to be working fine (not taking the first issue into account).

Any ideas what could cause these problems?

Driver: BETA 356

Firmware 670

Wheel motor 18

Thanks guys!


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    Wheel behavior during startup is normal. Since the beginning Podium Bases did not behave the same as CSL and CSW bases. Because the internals of a Podium base are completely different compared to the other bases, the Podium DD bases don’t need to rotate 1080 degree CW and CCW during initialization. This will also not cause mall functions.

    Like you already have seen after startup the center point is always correct. So nothing to worry about.

  • Cheers man, I appreciate your reply and it comforts me a lot, as this was my main concern.

    Any ideas about the USB port by any chance as well?

  • No I do not have an answer about the ports.

    Do you have some more info? What type of port works and which one doesn’t work? Is it maybe a USB3 port or a front panel USB port where the base doesn’t work?

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