Forza 7 wheel oscillating while in a turn

Hi everyone, I've been fighting an issue with my clubsport version 2 and Forza 7 to the point where I stopped playing for a long time but trying to get back into it if somebody can help me fix this problem. Not sure if it's a Forza issue or firmware issue with the wheelbase but I just updated to the latest firmware and now I'm on my wheel it says 627 when I start it up. When I'm trying to drive in a straight line, the steering wheel slightly shakes back and forth, which this latest firmware seems to have fixed that a lot but, the most annoying issue is when I'm in a turn, I'm fighting the steering wheel to stay in a consistent position and keeps wanting to rock back and forth until I get to a straight away. Almost like the force feedback motor is trying to kick me back in a straight line until I complete the turn. The steering wheel is physically moving back and forth while I'm trying to hold it in a turning position.Hard to explain but is anybody experiencing this?


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