A few ClubSport Porsche 911 GT3 R questions before purchase

I'm seriously considering purchasing a ClubSport Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel for use with my CSW v2.5 wheel base. I've got a few questions that I can't quite figure out from the product listing:

  • Will this actually work with the CSW v2.5? The product page really doesn't do a great job at explaining what wheel bases with which this works. It explicitly lists the Podium wheels, yet this is the ClubSport version of the wheel. Seems odd and confusing.
  • Further to the above, am I reading correctly that essentially none of the cool features of this wheel (the "Podium Button Module Endurance"?) actually work yet with CSL and ClubSport wheel bases? If this is the case, is there an ETA on when that functionality might be added?
  • Can this wheel be upgraded (physically I'm assuming) at a later time to work with Podium wheel bases? I really don't see a DD wheel base in my future, but it would be nice to have the option.
  • The product page appears to show the Universal Hub. Is this wheel really just a Porsche wheel fitted to the Universal Hub?

Thanks all, would appreciate any help!


  • Currently this wheel only works on Podium DD bases like in the compatibility section of the product page.

    For point 2 not only the cool features don’t work yet even the base features like the buttons don’t work. Currently the CSW v2.5 can’t communicate with the Endurance module so nothing works except for steering and pedal shifters which are handled by the Universal Hub. No eta other than somewhere this year. They are currently still fixing issues for the Podium bases before they will continue on other wheel base support. With the current situation it the world development on the new drivers and firmware is also not the easiest, and also to test it on all hardware available will be more difficult.

    No need to upgrade to be able to use it on Podium DD base. Out of the box it is compatible and no need for hardware changes. Clubsport only tells you it’s not the best Fanatec offers, the best is Podium series. Even CSL wheels will work on a Podium base with out hardware/physical changes.

    For your last point. Yes, it’s just a Clubsport Universal Hub + Podium Endurance module + Podium Porsche GT3 rim to complete the set and this set will cost you less compared to buying all the items separately.

  • Great, thank you very much for the detailed response. As much as I'd love to own this wheel, sounds like now is not the time. Thanks!

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    If you're using the Podium Button Module Endurance, which to me is the whole selling point of the 911 rim, none of the buttons will work on a 2.5 base currently. I agree with what Aaron said above, I want this wheel badly but with no clue when the firmware update might come (months??? years???)... now is NOT the time to buy it if you don't own a Podium base. If the buttons worked but not the display, I'd go ahead and buy it now.

    Of course you could connect the 911 rim to an Xbox universal hub and be fine, but again the whole selling point to me is the Podium BME with all those awesome buttons and switches.

  • Jups, the buttons are handled by the BME them self and probably a serial connection with some sort of api is used to talk from the base directly to the BME. Because the firmware is not ready for CSW2.5 and the api is not know, it can't talk to the BME at all. So in short nothing on the BME will work for now.

    So the wheel is seen like a podium hub or universal hub with only the shifter paddles that will work.

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