Can someone tell me how to get my car to steer?

Right now, I'm trying to play Project Cars 2. With the wheel calibrated and centered, my car turns left from the pit box, heads down the pit lane at 36 mph and then takes a hard turn and crashes. I'm unable to steer the car at all. Clearly, I'm missing something important. Any ideas?


  • Which wheelbase and when are you using? Are you on pc/console?

    Does this happen on any other sim title?

  • Hi Rob,

    I'm currently trying tp play this on a PC. Gaming computer that has plenty of capability. Not sure about which wheelbase I'm using. All Fanatec products: DD!, Universal Hub for Xbox and Porsche 911 wheel attached to it. This is happening on Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa. Have just downloaded Race Room, but I haven't yet tried it. I don't expect anything will change.

  • I would check the wheel in the fanatec pc tools to see if it sending a permanent left turn position signal if it is happening in more than one game .

    You could try calibrating the centre position manually on the wheel itself also.

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