New Podium Bundle Experience: Software, drivers, firmware ...

I just received the "PODIUM RACING WHEEL FORMULA FOR XBOX ONE & PC" with CSL Elite Pedals. Your loadcell version was sold out, so I plan on getting the Brake Loadcell kit in the future once it's in stock.

In the last two days, I've been trying to set it up and figure out the options for playing ACC (my current favorite game). I'm used to troubleshooting, and realize that Covid is making this hard to get anything done quickly. Here's my experience, that you could organize and improve your website layout in the future.

TL;DR make a centrilized page for all driver and software downloads, with links to your youtube videos on setup and calibration.

Step 1. Driver software.

You don't have a simple way to find the driver needed for the wheel or base being used. I started at your product page, and your bundle link lists the products and links to the DD1 base, and V2 Wheel. More confusing is that the drivers don't match:

DD1 (64 bit) = v335, v346, beta352

V2 (64 bit) = v334, beta336

CSL Elite Pedals = v311

These forums are not helpful. Sticky post of "Latest drivers" has no link to any drivers. But google search led me to find v356. I'm currently running v356, as your forums recommend running the most up to date drivers. They seem to be working fine.

Step 2. Firmware

I've had to flash the firmware multiple times, and I still got popup errors telling me I do no have the latest firmware installed. I got a popup for "CSW Fomula V2 rim" , and flash the Firmware file: .. /default.hex The progess completes, "Firmware updater can now be closed. Disconnected from device!" I flashed it 4 times before it stuck and allowed the wheel properties to load. The wheel base had to be flashed a couple times as well. My "Version numbers" are currently:

PC Driver: 356

Wheel Base Firmware: 670

Wheel Base Motor: 38

Steering Wheel: 28

Step 3. Fanalab Sofware

This was hard to find, and I only discovered it exists through youtubers talking about it. I had to click through a few google searches to find a link to your forums. It's not listed on the "Media / Downlads" link at the top left corner. You do have the links in this discussion forum, but nothing listed in the actual V2 Wheel product link section. I haven't had time to play with this software much, but it does look useful.

**Recommendation** It would be beneficial to have a centralized page that lists all divers, current, past, and beta, as well as links to the fanalab software as well.

Step 4. Calibration, settings, and game play

I'm going to stick to just ACC. I really like the preloaded profies that pup up in the controls menu. The existing DD1 Fomula V2 loads great. Existing button layout works great. However I get issues on my rotary encoders not recognizing what position they're hitting while in [CONST] mode.

Wheel calibrates to center easily. However... I had issues where the wheel would reset to the far right while existing to menu. On coming to a full stop, the wheel would spring to the right coming to full right lock while sitting. So after navigating menus and adjusting settings, I'd return to driving having to flip my wheel around to start driving straight.

Only after reinstalling drivers and updating wheel firmware does it seem to be fixed. But I'm documenting it here in case others run into a similar issue.

Other thoughts: Your youtube instructional videos are extremely helpful. The software and driver GUIs are extremely well laid out. And I especially appreciate the popup tips on what all the FFB settings mean and recommended ranges. This is a huge step up from my Logitec G27, and despite the frustrations with getting the software and firmware all loaded up, I'm really enjoying experience and features.

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