DD1 and Pedals freezing at the same time...

Hello everybody,

I´m now for 2 weeks a proud owner of a DD1 with the Porsche 911 GT3 wheel.

Driver 373.

My pedals are the Heusinkveld sprint and plugged direcly to the pc.

The problem are random freezes of the DD1 and the pedals at the same time. Pedals and wheelbase keep their last position and freez. That meens in most of the cases full throttle and the sterring wheel is turn in -> horrible crash :D

I only play ACC.

I can only solve the problem if I restart the pc, nothing else helps.

Is it a pc problem or a problem of the wheelbase or the pedals?

If it´s a pc problem what could be the trigger?

I hope someone can help me, because racing makes no fun when every race is ruined because of a freez.

Thank you for your help



  • Have you tried using different USB ports on your computer? It could be that there is something amiss with your USB config.

    Usually there are more than one USB controllers on the motherboard. Check your motherboard manual and distribute the pedals and the wheelbase between those. Often these are marked in different colors at the back of your motherboard.

  • Hello,

    Thank you Marcus for your help.

    I plugged in the pedals in the front of my Pc and the whellbase at the back. I think that´s different usb controllers, but i dont really now. I only want to check fast if the problem still exist.

    Okay, I drove a couple ours without a freez but yesterday it happend again. Only the wheelbase freezed, and the pedals still worked.

    So looks the Fanalab when the freez happens. I also dismantled and mounted the wheel, but no change.

    This is how the driver window looks when the freez happens, i can make no more inputs. If i click on a button the whole programm crashes.



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    I have the exact same problem with only difference is that i use clubsport v3 pedals... (directly plugged to the pc not to the base) after some hours they just freeze at the point what im doing at the moment... so i just crash and cant even stop the car to enter the menu 🙈

    any solution for that fanatec?

    im on driver 381

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    @julian zimmer i think i found the solution for me... i looked at my firmware page and saw that the quick release firmware was at 0... so i updated it... its on 6 now and seems to work again without any freezing :)

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