Anyone has been able to purchase from US WebShop, im trying since yesterday and keep getting payment refused and when i try with PayPal i got "Unable to instantiate the payment screen" ive email WebShop several time and no answer yet, my bank show that all is ok with my card, if someone has been able to purchase let me know if you did something different.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Yes I made a purchase last week. I had to use PayPal. You may need to ask your Credit Card company to remove the Anti-Fraud or Authorization for the transaction.

  • I tried today as well. I was charged according to my bank but the order was not completed by Fanatec with a payment error.

  • Yes I check with my bank and all is ok I've use this card to purchase a lot on US site without problem, the paypal option is not working for me at all is just giving me that error over and over.

  • My PayPal works fine just did a purchase and it work but the Fanatec site is not giving me the option to use PayPal

  • This is what got trying to use PayPal.

  • I was able to use PayPal but I was charged and led back to Fanatec with a payment error and no previous orders on my account.

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