CSL Elite steering wheel on Podium Racing Wheel F1?

I just purchased the Podium Racing Wheel F1, V3 Pedals, and shifter. I will mainly (really only) play on PS4. Will the CSL Elite steering wheel work if attached on Podium racing wheel F1 base? It says PS4 ready, but in the description it only talks about Xbox features so I want to make sure that a CSL Elite Steering wheel would work on my base.

Thank you in advance.


  • EVERY steering wheel is PS4 ready and works on PS4 when sued on a PS4 compatible wheel base.

    The CSL Elite Wheel P1 (I guess thats what you have?!) therefore will work also on ps4 with your Podium PS4 DD Base, however, Torque will be limited to Low Torque Mode because of the plastic QR.

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