CSL Elite + Podium endurance not working at all

HI hope someone maybe able to tell me I'm doing something stupid. Got a CSL Elite (PS4) with Porsche Podium endurance wheel mounted via a Xbox universal hub and CS v3 pedals.

I've flashed the firmware without issue on the pc. PC fanatec app shows inputs are working ok. Although it only shows an xbox universal hub screen rather than a podium endurance screen (which is shown on the youtube set up)

However it doesn't work at all connected into a PS4 (mode button showing blue). Also the podium endurance hub display just shows the fanatec start screen. No buttons do anything, including the tuning button. It's basically dead connected to a PS4 no FFB etc. This is trying against GTS and AC.

Any ideas as it feels like I've wasted a lot of money on crap at the moment.


  • Podium Button Module Endurance is not compatible CSL Elite wheel bases and this is said in the compatibility section.

  • As you can read in the Webshop description at the compatibility part the Button Module Endurance IS ONLY compatible with Podium DD Bases as of now.

    Only sometime in the future there might be a firmware update for other bases like CSW and CSL to add compatibility to this bases later, but the firmwares are not out yet so it won't work for you for some time at all until the firmware is released.

  • thanks for the responses chaps. Thats very annoying in that case as I contacted their support before buying!


    Upon checking it I saw that you were unsure whether the wheel will work on the PS4.

    For PS4 support it is only essential to have a PS4 compatible wheelbase which you have with the CSL Elite Wheelbase + for PS4.

    The wheel you ordered doesn’t have its own technology, it is basically just a rim. The technology here lays in the Steering Wheel Universal Hub.

    The Steering Wheel Universal Hub is also compatible with your wheelbase. And the rim can also fit on the Universal Hub.

    So basically you have all needed components that are compatible with each other and a PS4 compatible wheelbase so your setup will work on the PS4.


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    Oh... That's unfortunate and a clear wrong information they gave you.

    As it is indeed true that you can use the Universal Hub with your PS4 wheel base on the PS4 with just the Porsche Rim mounted to it, it is actually the Button Module Endurance which is not compatible yet so you won't have any working buttons and display of the BME working yet, not even on a pc as the Base just can't communicate with the BME yet. But, as said, in the future a firmware will get you the BME compatibility but there is no ETA for it yet so it could still take some time...

  • Thanks let me give that a try!

  • Thanks guys, yep taking the button module off works.

    Question is whether I send back or hang on and see if they release a patch eventually!

  • Fanatec should really update the configurator as it still offers the PBME wheel as an option with non compatible wheelbases. If Fanatec cannot get this right it is no surprise that customers also make mistakes.

  • Is there any updates on a possible CSL Elite Driver for either of the wheels so the BME is compatible? I recently bought it without knowing (which is completely my fault) and since it took longer to ship, I was unable to return it due to shipping. I was wondering if anyone had any updates?

  • The original CSL Elite v1 was never confirmed to get a firmware update. Only the ps4 version of the CSL Elite Bases was confirmed to get a firmware update sometime in 2021.

  • Thanks for replying so quickly! Thank you for the info, as I recently purchased this, I previously bought a CSL Elite F1 Set, I believe this is the correct wheelbase for compatability in the future, thanks for letting me know!

  • Hello, I was wondering if there was a margin that Fanatec announced about the compatibility between the BME and the CSL Elite PS4 Version, I was wondering if this was going to be announced in Q1 or later then that. Thanks.

  • Compatibility for CSL Elite PS4 woll arrives sometime this year.

  • Hi, any ETA on csl elite base ps4 compatibility of the BME? Thx!

  • Compatibility for CSL Elite PS4 will arrive sometime this year.

  • Owkay, Maurice, How can I receive an alert when the new firmware whit this option is available? I am going to order the BME today and than wait untill the new firmware is available.

  • While awaiting for CSL Elite PS4 compablity I mounted the ClubSport Button Cluster Pack so I can use the rim qith BME anyway . The only fun the BME gives me now is the bright Fanatec logo. For now: looks quite complicated and neat, I think.

  • Some more pics.

  • Hey Rick, how is the feel? That wheel is quite heavy. How do you feel while driving with cls elite?

  • Hi, I missed your comment :(. The feel was quite heavy, but the CSL base handled it very well. But in the mean time I sold the steering wheel and the BME with hub. I trapped myself on checking if the update was available to make it work almost every day and got tired/irritated of it :(.

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