CSL Elite NON Load Cell Brake Issues

I am eventually getting the load cell so please don't tell me that's the only fix here. I can not drive on the non-load cell brake AT ALL because a physical deadzone between the pedal and rubber stopper exists where you push down nearly 1/8th inch with no response at all before the brake signal begins. For those who don't understand, check the illustration below...

at no point before touching the rubber stop does the pedal send ANY signal of braking input... it's impossible to use. $99.99 spent should NOT result in an unusable experience.


  • Not see that with mine

  • That should not be the deadzone.

    Maybe you need the sensor cleaning or a new sensor.

    dont remember if the non csl had a minimum / maximum manual setting in the drivers app.

  • Have you checked setting in game incase they have been changed. My non LC brake works fine with next to no dead zone in all titles I run.

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