Shipping times not correct!

I paced an order on the 8th, #———— and when I placed the order, everything was available to ship in the website. Now when I check my order, it says preorder, not available to ship until the 30th of April. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have emailed fanatec yesterday and still don’t have a reply.

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    I've got the same issue, I placed the order (—————) the understanding the Items were ready to ship. I've sent two emails with no response. I'm disappointed in the delay, but more disappointed in the lack of response, not what I would have expected, in particular with a sizeable order.

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    Please don’t share your order numbers as a protection for you. Keep in mind it is a holiday weekend so you most likely won’t get a response until Tuesday.

  • Thanks for letting me know and blocking it out. Hope to hear from them on Tuesday.

  • is there a way to track order, or at least get in touch with someone

  • I'm sorry to post what may be interpreted as negative feedback, but the communication with Fanatec is very poor, particularly if you have an online ordering system for instant purchasing. Having to wait for days for each response is not the service one would expect with products of your value. And yes, I understand that it was a holiday on Friday and Monday, I've taken that into consideration.

    You must do a better job of communicating with paid customers.

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