How to connect DD1 with Podium button module endurance to Xbox One ?

Hello Dear Fanatec Community,

I just received my Fanatec DD1 with the Porsche 911 GT3 R steering wheel and the Podium Button Module Endurance. I mounted the steering wheel correctly, made the necessary modifications and everything lights up properly. However, I'm in "PC" mode on my DD1 and I can't switch to "Xbox" mode. Can someone tell me how to connect the DD1 base to an Xbox one? 

Thank you in advance for your help. 


  • This should be explained in the Quick Guides.

    You switch modes by pressing the button combination for mode switching, exact button combination is mentioned in the aforementioned Quick Guide.

    However, I hope you ordered the ClubSport Porsche wheel with the Universal Hub and not the Podium Porsche Wheel with the Podium Hub because only the Universal Hub is Xbox compatible (and needed)

  • Thanks to your answer Maurice.

    I bought the Clubsport steering wheel, with the Xbox hub so everything is ok on this side. 

    I looked in the quick guide and actually there are two buttons to press simultaneously as follows "To switch between wheel base modes, simultaneously press and hold the two buttons highlighted below, for one second. But when I do the manipulation nothing happens ... Wouldn't it be a problem of update the software ?

  • The printed one may be an old one, in the download tab of the BME there is the most recent quick guide which changed the button combination for mode switch. Try that one. Otherwise try the button combination of the UHX and try to change modes with the upper Xbox buttons of the UHX.

  • Thanks Maurice. In fact I used the button combination of the UHX and It works.

    However, even if the UHX is working properly, it makes it impossible to interact with the Podium Button Module Endurance and I only have "Fanatec" written on the LED screen and buttons are not working. At this point, do you think it's only a software update problem or did I configure something ? Maybe it's necessary to configure a setting in the Xbox menu or in games directly like Project Cars or Assetto ? I have no clue

    Thank you very much for these answers which is a great help to me. 

  • That sounds like you have not updated the driver and firmware.

    Make sure to install at least driver 356, better 373 and flash the base firmware to the included one. Of you use older ones then the Base doesn't recognize the BME.

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