Formula V2 Rotary switches issues?!?!

So I had my wheel rim for about 2/3 months, bought directly from Fanatec.. lately the rotary switch for my right hand is not working as good as it did when new.

The detent on those 2 switches is awful, when racing you can not feel the knob rotating at all, even when driving with light leather driving gloves, do not try real racing gloves!

So the issue I have is that I use the right side rotary for brake bias, and the left for traction control or throttle mapping. When racing if I try to make a brake bias adjustment, I have to do it very, very slow using 2 fingers, if I use just my thumb to roll it up or down, it never registers the change.

Also, on top of this, the detent is so wordless that I can have my brake bias set at 55% and I have to constantly keep checking it because it moves on it's own. At times I end up messing up my race because I look the rear tires or cant rotate the car due to too much front bias! So annoying...🤬😡

Is there an upgrade switch that I can buy?


Were mine defective from factory? As in not enough detent force to keep it in its position.

Any advice from the board here?




  • Your best bet is to contact the support team by opening a support ticket. Keep in mind it is a holiday weekend so a response will likely come after Monday.

  • Good morning, I once opened an incident with support. and they answered that it was a software bug, if you test the flyer in properties you will see that Rotarians are not very fine ... and already put in race you go crazy because they are very imprecise. It happens to me from the first day

  • Thank you for the feedback guys

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