to all Podium Button Module Endurance /GT3 r

Have you guys got a way to make all the pages work? It has been over a year and I can't find a firmware that provides all the pages!

Don't you feel Fanatec ripped us off?


  • If you are having DD or CSW 2.5 check the 373 beta or the 374 beta and follow the instructions of the drivers and then the fanalab 1.47b. You will need to play in PC and also run fanalab in the background.

  • You are one funny guy. Ofc Fanatec rips you off, if you are not able to update to the latest drivers and firmwares and don't use the latest Fanalab version.

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    The BME was released mid December, which is not over a year.

    Also all 5 pages work with the latest driver and Firmwares and Fanalab, it's just you who needs to update to get it working. Fanatec can't help you with this. To say they ripped you off is..................... A bit exaggerated to say the least.

  • I have updated all the drivers and firmware 373 for the dds and the podium (1.2) and Fanalab 1.3.5 which were given to me by Marcel July-August 2019.

    Fanalab crashes all the time so it is pretty much useless.

    You can go a blame Windows for the crash or make fun of me if you want but I have captured 3 live kernel traces where Fanalab is referencing verbs that should not be trying to address as they are not for userland use thus crashing in itself, which I cant debug without their code.

    You see I am one of the 2 architects in the Windows memory manager team.

    So unless there is an update to Fanalab and the base, it has been over a year since I bought this product and still doesn't work.

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    The BME and FanaLab were not released in July/August 2019, so it’s impossible that it’s over a year that you can’t use it. FanaLab was released in September 2019 and the BMW was released in December 2019. so it’s Max 9 months.

    You need driver 373, Base Firmware 674, Motor Firmware 40, BME Firmware 13 and FanaLab 1.47B.

    What is Firmware 1.2 and FanaLab 1.3.5? Those never existed.

    once you have this installed then also all 5 pages will work just fine.

  • Dude like wtf. The BME was released on the 21st of December, what are you talking about? Fanalab wasn't even released back in July 2019, you might be mixing the years here. And also what's with Fanalab 1.3.5. There was never any version of it called that way.

    Download driver 373 and flash all included firmwares to the base, motor and BME, then you can use Fanalab 1.47B and you'll be able to use all 5 pages.


  • 373 is installed, and neither Fanalab 1.47b or the mystery 1.35 display all the pages. As for the BME I had it from before Dec 21st 2019

    You see you think you know all of it but the proof is here. What are you going to say now? That decomplied Fanalab, modified the code to prove you wrong?🤯

    So if you do not mind, why don't you concentrate on getting your ducks in a row before treating others as if they are idiots, so maybe you don't look like one.🤣


  • Marcel, you gave me 1.35 as a response to the stops from the kernel traces I sent you.

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    I am NOT Marcel! I didn't send you anything.

    And with 1.35 indeed not all pages on the BME are available, but they are with 1.47B - but not in Fanalab itself, only with the button combination as clearly described in the Changelog of Fanalab 1.47B. To select ITM screens within Fanalab it needs a firmware fix which is coming hopefully next year.

    So, go ahead, install 1.47B and don't use the old 1.35 and enjoy all 5 pages of your BME.

    And its not possible you got the BME before December 2019, only if you was a betatester.

    1. 1.35 was not a public version, how should I know you got access to this version.
    2. You are still mixing years here and try to blame me now, because you are unable to use Fanalab 1.47b to get all ITM pages on the BME working.
    3. You claimed Fanatec would rip you off, because you are not able to understand that.

    Definitely a really good proof from your site, congratz.

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