basic cooling system csw 2.5

hi everyone i am a csw 2.5 owner and i wanted to ask a question since i cannot contact fanatec support. I would like to know if it is normal that when the cooling of the base starts, only the rear fan starts while the left one is always blocked.

thank you all and I hope to have some answers


  • Cause you haven't stretched it's legs yet. Too weak settings maybe. The maximum NM for that wheel is 8NM, you should enter that in your sim, for instance iRacing and play with the FFB to your liking. Or you might be using unrealistic quick steering profiles. Controller gamers use the profiles to be able to flick the steering quickly left to right in order to maintain the snappiness of the thumb sticks on a console. This leaves the motor running with less or no significant resistance at all. The result is a motor on vacation, and while being on vacation it don't sweat.

  • Wish we could change the fans. I would love some more silent but powerful fans in the base.

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    with my unit its more like the fans on the side are the ones for basic cooling, when FFB gets high- the rear one starts spinning (and very hard)

  • thank you guys for having clarified my doubts ... I mainly play on xbox one with racing set-up and I keep the base with a 45% feedbak and it probably does not reach high temperatures

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