V3 throttle pedal not returning to zero when no throttle input

been having this problem around a wee on my 3 month old v3's

after around 4-8 minbs of a race my throttle doesnt return to zero when my foot is completely off the pedal

ive tried

1 reinstalling all drivers and updating them

2 using usb direct to pc and rj to base cable

3 checked and pedal is not physically sticking

4 checked magnetic sensor and cables nothing is loose

5 tried manual and automatic calibration

im fast running out of patients!! pls can anyone help??



  • edited September 2020

    Do you have any magnetic things close to the pedals?

    Or try swapping the hall sensors of throttle and clutch pedals, then recalibrate and see if that helps.

  • Hi,

    I have just ran into this problem today for the first time.

    Have you found a solution ?


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