Wheel Buttons not working

Everything was working fine last night turn on the computer today and the led display and all the buttons aren't working.

I have the clubsport v2.5 wheel base and the clubsport f1 esports wheel.

If i go into Fanatec wheel property page the steering input is still detected but nothing else is, this happened a few days ago and i fixed it through removing the wheel after reinstalling the drivers. It also comes up with the wheel base cant detect which wheel is attached, ive had it for a week. It flashes on and off with an image of the wheel as you turn it.

Is there an easy fix to this or do I have a faulty product?


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    Maybe a windows update last night when you switched off the PC?

    Better create a support ticket through your account under "My products" tab in Fanatec's webpage describing the issue and it would help a lot if you attach a video from the first communication in order to save you some time.

    Do you have another wheel to test?

    Wheel is plugged in properly? All the internal bolts holding the pins are tight?

  • not a windows update have them disable and its done it again detects the wheel but no buttons work.

  • also no other wheel to test, only bought this setup last week upgrading from Logitech

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