What's the deal with this company?

I placed an order on April 8th mid day, and it's been well over 48 hours for them to ship their products. I've tried emailing and calling their customer support to at least get an update on what's going on without a single response. I get the world is in a bit of a rough patch right now, but you guys have a thread dedicated to the Corona virus and the affect it has on your company and the delivery services. My order has said, in process, for over 5 days now, without so much as an update from your team.

As regarding your company, if something says, "Ready to ship", that should mean it's ready to ship. I'm in the US and paid for 2 day FedEx shipping. FedEx are still operating the same way during these times, so if you're not going to, at least make that known before someone places an order.

I spent over $1500 and can't so much as get in touch with anyone from this company. To me that seems like shady business practices and is making me second guess my choice to buy with this company. If I don't hear from someone soon I will definitely be cancelling my order and choosing someone who makes a good product and actually cares for their customer.


  • I placed mine on April 4th, still says the same "The order is in process"...

    Get in line I suppose. 10 days and still haven't heard anything about my order. On website all items were shown as "Ready to ship", yet now that I've read the order confirmation from April 4th, all items are listed as "Pre-order only, availability date April 30th".... What is this? Is it in stock, or isn't it?

    I'm in US, in northern CA only like 6 hours from their location in southern CA, and it's like I'm trying to contact a different country.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Kyle, according to our records, you placed the order on April 9th, at 23:00 our time. This was too late to process on that day, and the following day was a public holiday (Good Friday), and Monday was also a public holiday (Easter Monday). I am told your order will be shipped today.

    Hi Brad, it appears that part of your order was not in stock. I will send you a PM to discuss this.

  • Thank you very much for the reply Dominic, I will check my pm.

  • Thanks for the update, Dominic. We don't get Good Friday and Easter Monday off as holidays in California, so I suppose that's my fault for thinking that applied to your company as well.

    I received an email this morning at 6 AM PST saying my order has shipped and am now just waiting to receive the tracking information. The order now shows, "The order has been processed", on this site. I'll post back here when I receive the tracking number. Thanks.

  • Just received the email with the tracking information. It says it won't be shipped until tomorrow, but I'm not gonna complain at this point.

    Sorry for coming off rude in my original post, but it's not everyday I spend this kind of money on something. Being stuck inside without being able to get in touch with anyone didn't help but I'm just glad it's on the way now. I'm upgrading from a Logitech G25 after 10 years, so this will be a big upgrade.

    Thanks and I look forward to trying it out and posting my thoughts compared to my old set up!

  • Kyle,

    Thank you. I got a shipped email at 6am PST as well, but I had no idea if I would get tracking (Fedex 2-day). I was really worried about a package being left on my doorstep for 12+ hours while i'm at work. Now I can rest easy that i'll probably get a tracking number email. Hope you enjoy your setup.

  • I have tried to place an order and get lucky to receive an email from your customer service in Germany, I have provided the information required but now again no response, I have tried to reach at the Germany phone number at the time they have an open window and no luck at all. Is very hard to doing business if your sales team didn't respond to the different payment issues reported over and over again in multiples title forums across.

    There is any chance to get a response ...

  • My pleasure, Corey. Enjoy your new set up as well!

    And if you have any issues, this seems to be the best place to get a response from Fanatec themselves.

  • Hi Fanatec Team,

    I am in a similar situation. My order was placed 8 April at 2:55. Is there any way to receive an update? I understand one item may have been out of stock, but was hoping the rest of the order might ship. Thanks!

  • The order will only ship in total, so if one item is not in stock then the whole order will be held back until that one pre-ordered product is back in stock.

    you could contact the Webshop to ask if they make an exception and ship the rest of your order in advance, however you may have to pay for this splittend shipment but I don’t know..

  • Thank you. That is definitely not clear when submitting an order and learning this after the fact is quite frustrating. What is the best method to contact the webshop? I have already submitted an inquiry yesterday, however I have not received a response as of yet.

  • I have received the response and now there is not ClubSport Pedals V3 ☹️

    Do you have any ETA to get them in stock again?

  • I really wish I'd read up on how bad the support service is before I purchased my pedals from these guys. as much as I don't want to purchase a wheel from them there isn't much else available at this price point.

  • I ordered a CSW2.5 with v2 wheel on April 3. I'm close to Toronto. It cleared customs 5 days ago and I am being told the items cannot be found. Sent an email today to Fanatec, so I am hoping they can help me out.

  • In all fairness, you don't hear anything from people that don't have issues.

  • edited April 2020

    First there is a product, then there is no product, then there is.

    CSW showed in stock. I ordered. Then a few days later: No product in stock. So, using your logic as I also ordered the table clamp; if the clamp wasn't in stock then they won't ship the base. Well, I even received an email stating product status complete and shipped. I looked a couple of days later and now it says June! I'm using a butcher block for my rig. So I can mount the unit without the clamp (which also showed in stock). So if the clamp is the hold up, send the base you said was in stock (and let us not forget the aforementioned email ,status complete: shipped). Good grief.

    Also ordered the Porsche 918 RSR rim and it will be here tomorrow. It said in stock as well. Great on one hand. Horrid wilting on the other.

    Here is the email contents which I'm certain ya'all are familiar with:

    Dear Mr Ioppolo,

    the status of your order 106*** placed on 19/04/2020has changed to “shipped“.

    The new status is as follows: Completely shipped.

    Our warehouse is preparing your order now for shipping. You will receive the tracking number soon in a separate email.Please check also your spam folder.

    Please note that no changes to your order are possible at this stage.

    We hope you enjoy your new Fanatec product(s).

    Kind Regards,

    Your Fanatec team

    They say patience is a virtue (I have plenty of that and thank goodness as it looks to be a long and winding road). Where I come from so is truth telling. They happily excepted and took my cash and then did a 180 on me. My first experience with the company btw.

  • In a similar situation. Ordered a bundle which was definitely “Available” when I ordered and is now showing as “Pre-Order”. Haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone about my order. Pretty disappointed in the customer service so far. I understand they are behind due to the situation going on but it is a little ridiculous they charge your card and you can’t even get a response from them and their website is down every other day so you can even check your status on the website. They also do not make it clear at checkout that orders will be shipped in total. I would have ordered differently or not at all if I had known. Hoping this gets resolved quickly. As of now most likely wouldn’t buy fanatec equipment again or recommend.

  • Ordered pedals June 23. Received email saying "warehouse processing" on June 24. Did not received tracking info as of June 27. Attempted to contact support using website but says it may take them 7 days to reply.

    This is unacceptable in today's age. COVID has nothing to do with it. They are either very understaffed, are managed terribly, or are selling products they do not have in stock.

    I've seen post about Fanatec's terrible shipping going back many years before COVID. I was thinking about buying a DD2 from them, but forget it now. How can a company that designs and manufactures these products be so terrible at distribution and shipping? It boggles my mind!

  • I have not heard anything..I ordered a 700 dollar bundle..I need to know what is happen

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