LED and Vibration Control plug-in for rFactor available as Alpha

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

We now have an Alpha version of the plug in for rFactor available which enables the game to directly control the LED display and the vibration motors.

The following settings are possible:


  • Speed: Shows speed
  • Gear: Shows selected gear
  • Fuel: Shows remaining fuel
  • Place: Shows current position


  •  Gas pedal: Connected to throttle position (current default function)
  •   Shifting indicator: Sends a vibration signal when it is time to change gears
  • Engine revs: Connected tothe actual revs of the engine
  • ABS indicator: Send virbration signal when the wheel blocks

Note: You can still change the intensity of the vibration motor in the Tuning menu and it is recommended to do so for the different settings. Try it out.

Note: This is not a final version and not even a Beta so please make a backup of your registry before using it. So far it was only tested on Win XP 32 systems


Other games and a proper control panel will follow soon! 

The file is attached to this news message.


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