Made in ?

I have been using ECCI products for over 15 years and finally purchased the pedal set V2.5 as some of the newer games did not recognize the accelerator. Received quickly, no issues. Pedals seem alittle close together for me but the thing I found odd was where the unit was made. Looking thru the website for weeks before purchasing, I had anticipated it was made in Germany. Not the case!


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    No, its made in china, like pretty much everything else tech-wise these days because if you manufacture all these priducts in Germany you would easily have to pay double the price. Only the Design process happens in Germany, but manufacturing is still China.

    You can find this information pretty clearly in the "About Us" page of the webshop.

    Quote "Germaneering: Even though most Fanatec® products are manufactured in China, actual product development is done by a network of highly qualified German engineers and technological partners who transform products concept into reality. These types of engineers are the same as those who have drafted and developed electronics for nuclear plants and ultra-precision German CNC machines. We’ve dubbed this concept „Germaneering“."

  • I am still surpried there are no Fanatec clones on the market. Perhaps they are in China but I am not living there, so can only guess

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