Anyone had a payment go through with no confirmation?

Hey Guys, I had this weird issue where I put a pre-order in for the loadcell pedal and had the payment process via paypal. But unlike when I ordered the CSL the week before I didn't get any sort of confirmation from Fanatec nor did I see the order tied to my account. I tried reaching out to Support but Haven't heard back in 2 days. I know they're probably under super tight constraints, but I'm just wondering if anyone's had something like this happen before and if this is a pre-order specific thing? If so, how did you go about getting the order tied to the account and all that? Looking forward to getting the hardware either way, just wanted to make sure the pre-order is actually in.


  • Similar issue with new order on card.

    Hoping there's no issues

  • Just had this same issue today. Hoping that it gets resolved soon, emailed Fanatec, their mother company and messaged them on Facebook regarding this issue.

    I'm although completely understanding what is currently going on in the world and the impact it may be causing to them (influx of sim racers = more demand, along with the trying process of getting stuff out the door.)

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Unfortunately this situation usually means that the order has not been correctly processed. Please contact the sales team via [email protected], and they will verify the status of your order. If it indeed hasn't gone through, you will be issued a refund and you will need to create a new order.

  • Having the same issue Michael, Barry has another thread up and I have my own thread up so hopefully it gets noticed soon. I did see they performed maintenance yesterday so maybe they're trying to fix it?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Please see my response above. We have definitely noticed, but it is not a straightforward issue to solve. So that everyone is on the same page, I will close any other threads about this topic and redirect customers to this thread.

  • Hey Dominic, I emailed the web sales team. Hoping for a response regarding this so I can either reorder or wait patiently. I do appreciate your insight. The items were not preorder nor out of stock.

    Thanks for your time. I greatly appreciate it!

  • I just realized my last reply was to my own thread. I'm bad at forums, I haven't used one in this format for a long time, sorry about the weird disconnected replies.

    Dominic, thanks for being cool about this. I appreciate the guidance on how to resolve this and have already sent an email, so here's hoping they reply soon. But like Barry said, we get it, there's a literal pandemic on so delays are expected.

  • Dominic, I’ve reached out anyway possible.

    Money was pulled from my bank today. Any chance of getting some sort of answer before the weekend?


  • FYI i had all the same troubles, however Dominic reached out, I now have a tracking number and hoping for the best.

    Let's race....

  • Hoping for the best. I really appreciate everyone in this “field” right now. With the influx of sim racers and the worlds current situation I do respect their time. Just want to make sure things wills be “right”.

  • Right on...

  • Christopher, did you ever hear anything back on your order?

  • Update regarding my “order” that the money’s been taken out of my bank account. Took just at a week to receive a response. Glad to have received one, we will see how long until a refund is issued.

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