I need help on fanatec product weight.

I am currently live in Thailand where there is no official distributor of fanatec. What I need to know are the weight of CSL Elite Pedal, Clubsport Shifter, Clubsport handbrake, CSL Elite Wheel base and Steering wheel Bmw GT2. Can anyone tell me roughly or actual weight of those products. It would help me calculate the shipping cost from USA to Thailand. Thank you in advance.


  • BMW GT2 - 3.36kg

    Shifter - 3.28kg

    Handbrake - 1.5kg

    CSL Elite Pedal (without LC) - 5.25kg

    CSL Elite Wheelbase - 6.61kg

    So everything at all would be around 20kg. YOu can check the weight of the items on the product pages at the webshop btw.

  • Thank you very much

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