Order confusion

I placed an order #1090638 on 4-15-20 for the CSL Elite starter kit . When at the checkout the Wheel was back ordered and the pedals were in stock . I placed and paid for order assuming I would be notified as soon as wheel was again available . I have made numerous attempts unsuccessfully to contact customer service in an attempt to discover my options . I checked again this morning with no luck on messages from your CS Dept. I see now that the bundle is again available and wish to complete my order before item is again (sold out) . Please contact me @ my account phone number or email as soon as possible to please complete my order .


  • They are not going to contact you. If you have already paid for the wheel, etc., then you should be getting a message soon telling you the items are being prepared for shipping. What does your order history show? It should show pending and completed orders (if you have ever ordered before), or just pending orders if it's your first order.

    Note: Fanatec normally doesn't ship anything until everything is in stock. So if the wheel was out of stock, but the pedals were, nothing would ship until the wheel is back in stock.

  • When I placed original order , it was for the CSL Elite starter . On checkout , i received bundle discount . But the base and wheel showed 0 shipped and I was not charged for it . I paid the invoice , but wasn’t sure if buying base and wheel would still be at the bundle price . It turns out it is, and I placed the second order this morning for wheel and base . No tracking number as of yet . But I get it , things are rough all over and I’m sure they’ll let me know when it’s on the truck . The only thing I’m not comfortable with is the fact that the warranty started at purchase . Not a huge deal if the set is the quality I believe it is . But still worth noting if your pedals develop issues 5 days after purchase anniversary. Lol. Thank you for your response and let’s all stay healthy out there . See you all on the cyber track race on ! 😎

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