Help!! Fanatec CSL Elite base + CSL P1 (Wheel) RANDOM problem.

Hello everyone, everything good?

I have a very intriguing problem.

I have always used my Fanatec Csl Elite V1 + Formula Wheel Black base and I have never had any problems in the operation of the set.

I gave my base to a friend to use, he acquired the Fanatec CSL P1 ring and he has reported me some random problems with the base, initially he said he installed the wrong Driver (he installed the V1.1 driver on the base) he said that after a few minutes of play, the base is a problem and you get this answer from the video I'm sending.

After that I asked him to download the correct fanatec V1 driver, which he did, downloaded the latest driver available for the Fanatec product.

Today he contacted me saying that he is facing the problem again, that after 50 minutes sessions, the FFB hangs, he is unable to do anything else. (RFACTOR 2, ACC).

I used my base here for long sessions, I never had any similar problem.

What changed: (He is using it on another PC and with another rim (CSL P1).

According to him, he already checked the connection pins of the CSL P1, they are ok.

Has anyone seen this problem? I had never seen it before, could you give me suggestions for what I could try?


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