help, can't unbind the gas or brake from the LT,LSB,RSB,RT etc.

I want to use the LT,LSB,RT etc. buttons to map functions to ,but they are 'bound' to the gas and brake etc. - how do I stop them from interfering with my gas/brake pedals so I can assign MFD functions, for example, to them? i'm using fanatec csw clubsport pedals clubsport wheel v2 rim ( also, same question in regards to similar buttons on the universal hub ) on xbox oneX…...F1 2019, PCars2...thanks for any help.


  • If you are on Xbox, buttons are duplicated and you cannot assign them separately. This is due to MS protocols on Xbox.

  • it figures...well thanks for the comment,much appreciated....guess im going to have to go PC to use all the buttons on my rims. Going PC is a kinda scary proposition when you only have general computer knowledge and your life revolves around sim racing everyday...if something were to go wrong can't race...can't have that!

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