Ok this is really confusing from Fanatec US

In this email you can see that apparently my order is shipped, but at the same time is still in their warehouse and getting ready to be shipped but the state is "fully shipped" but in the second screenshot you can see that my order status is still just "your order has been processed" what should I understand from this ? Is it shipped ? Is it labelled ? Is it just processed ? Plus in the same email which I received 3 days ago it says that "I will soon receive a tracking number" but no, I haven't received anything. Complete silence from Fanatec, even if I did try and call them but their voicemail was full and nobody answered so I emailed them and yet nobody answered. Like guys you need to sort it out . I know it must be hard right now, but I can get better service from Newegg or any websites really... Anyway I hope someone could help me sort this thing out as I really have no clue of where is my order or wether it is ready or not... I think that for the price we pay we should at least get some updates on our shipment....


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