No tracking number

Order shipped with no tracking number sent. If someone from fanatec would please send me my tracking number that way I know where it is and that it isnt being left on my door step. Thanks in advance.


  • In the same situation. Received shipped email yesterday but still no tracking email yet.

  • Yeah seems like it’s happening to a lot of people. I ordered v3’s on the 14th before they were out of stock and now I’m kind of concerned that they were actually out of stock and aren’t saying anything

  • Same here. Got the shipping email but still no tracking number.

  • same here as well. Ordered saturday, got the email monday the 14th, and still sitting here waiting for tracking. I called, no answer. Emailed from the website contact form, directly responded to their email with the shipping notification and sent a direct one as well.

    I decided to go fanatec for my first rig as i heard so many good things and decided to just go all in, but the level of customer service is abhorrent. Sure things are a bit hairy right now, but i'm seeing tons of complaints from a lot of people in the same boat here, and we are straight up being ignored without answers.

    I saw one guy on reddit who ordered Tuesday and got his package two days later on thursday the 16th.

    Fanatec should reach out to all of us and make this right. If i don't hear anything by early next week i'll probably dispute the charge with my credit card and take my business elsewhere.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Keep in mind there are delays with all courier companies. You’re tracking number could take longer than 24-48 hrs to show up. It will appear when they pick it up from Fanatec and first scanned in their system.

  • I suspect, as Joseph said above, that it's an issue with delays all over. Couriers (Fedex, UPS, USPS) are getting slammed with deliveries due to folks ordering online instead of going to the store. The internet is being heavily used by so many folks being at home, etc.

  • Same thing here....with what you pay for this stuff (worth it, but still...) you would think you could get a simple tracking number email.

  • Yep its a joke to be fair

  • It is the same for me, I did not have any tracking number, for 2 days now. What is going on ? I am quite worried about it, spending 2200€ without any news...

    In the same time, I ordered a PlaySeat chair, I had a FedEx email with shipping tracking number 2 hours later...

    I am so scared for the future for the fanatec support...

  • I ordered a DD2 when all the dd1s went sold out. On the 15th. I have yet to recieve a tracking number. I've called I've emailed I've had financial institute email then not a peep. You can bet your bottom dollar that they know full well we are all posting and emailing. Who doesnt stat with a phone on hand these days. Especially if your a business man with a hit product

  • The website is deceptive. It showed my order as processed "complete" and indicated shipping via FedEx. That was last Friday. I also got an email saying the order was "Shipped" and the tracking number would be provided in a separate email....last Friday. But I received no tracking number. Next day, still no tracking number. Sent an email to support. Sunday...still nothing. TODAY I get an email indicating that the order did not in fact ship until Sunday morning. It hasn't even been picked up by FedEx yet (scheduled for pickup today). This is Fanatec, not FedEx delaying the shipment. Their automated emails are not in sync with their actual shipping process and their website wording/display is deceptive.

    Understandable under the current conditions I guess. I do think the way the website displays order status is deceptive and could be / should be clearer though.

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