Pretty much every product is sold out. Any updates on new inventory?

Hey guys I've trying to place my order but every product now show as 'sold old'. Any info on when it'll be re stocked?

Thank you


  • No idea, but Dominic replied to me a couple of days ago when I asked why the V3 brakes were showing ready to ship on one page, and out of stock on another. He said there is an error on the ordering server that is showing things out of stock when they are not.

    He assured me the US warehouse has plenty of V3's, so I went ahead and ordered a set. A few hours later I recived the order confirmation and recieved the tracking # and shipment notification the next day.

    I am not telling you what you want to order is in stock, just advising of the error Dominic mentioned.

  • Yes thank you been waiting to order myself but as leonardo said everything showed out of stock.

  • I was aboutt to place the order but I just saw the product is under pre-order?

  • I ordered a CSW 2.5. It showed in stock when I purchased. Then low and behold after money spent: Sorry Mr. Loser but it wasn't ever really in stock and perhaps I'll see it sometime in June. Nice marketing scheme. Shame on me. The rim will be here tomorrow and I'll use it as a paper weight until June something or other I reckon.

  • A lot of people had the same problem. Did you try talking to Fanatec about your issue? At this point everything is sold out or waiting for availability in May/June/Jul

  • Yea they just sent me an email. Ro ro rorry. With any luck I'll have it before I deck the halls again.

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